navid bakhshayesh

3 THINGS To Remember When You Get Anxious

navid bakhshayesh
3 THINGS To Remember When You Get Anxious


Let's face it, we all in some way or another have times where our whole world seems like it's about to come to an end. 

This might be with your career, friendships, relationships...hell this might be for no goddamn reason. 

For me, I've hit all the above and in my life, I've been prone to dealing with my fair share of intense anxiety.

You're not being objective & realistic about the situation.

When something really stressful happens in life, our first response is to try and make sense of all the possible outcomes that can occur in the worst case scenario. Our minds become filled with several hypothetical situations that all have dreadful emotions and conclusions attached.

You might lose money, you might lose friends. You might lose money which could make you lose friends. You might lose money and lose friends...See where I'm going with this.  It's all a bunch of what if's and mights that said enough times and thought about long enough seem real. Even more real in the mind. 

One thing attaches onto another and like any great snowball effect, the mind can create a huge snowball of anxious, spiralling thoughts, that leave you feeling immobilised and quite frankly, unwell.  

Remember...cross that bridge when you get to it. Remember...CROSS THAT DAMN BRIGE WHEN YOU GET TO IT.

I know that can sound kinda trite and it has been said god knows how many times. What helps me some what entertain this whole heartedly is reminding myself of a potential health risk. 

Ask yourself, have you ever been worried about the potential threat of liver cancer from drinking alcohol on a weekend. The answer in most case is 'no' and depending on the situation you don't think about or wait for liver cancer you just go on living life. Note that his works if you're not already worried about liver cancer.

When you're thinking irrationally, you don't know you are, when you force yourself to think irrationally about something you're not anxious about, it helps highlighting the irrational part of your reasoning. Which can help make you see clearer. 

So remind yourself the next time you're worried about, losing or not getting a job, not feeling you're in the right place in life, losing a girlfriend or loved one or whatever. That no matter how much you think about it now, nothing will ever change. 

Cross that bridge when you get to it AND a comparison that highlights the irrational overthinking aspect of your reasoning.  


This is one of the most important things you can do when dealing with anxious and stressful moments in your life. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Do not, isolate yourself and keep everything to yourself no matter what it is. 

1. It helps no-one and you end up causing yourself more harm than you could imagine by keeping things bottled up.

2. What you're going through in some shape or form has happened to someone else. Remember, while you're unique, the same stories have played out in some shape or form. Things like loss, regret etc all have similar themes, just different details. 

So remember, speak to someone you trust. They can always help you see clearer and if they don't they will be empathetic and through that you gain some strength. 


Anger can counter act the effects of anxiety in some cases. Remind yourself of something that angers you. 

Use this and see how the energy shifts.