navid bakhshayesh

How The Small Things, Shape The Big

navid bakhshayesh
How The Small Things, Shape The Big

For nearly a year now I began my membership to audible. For the few that don't know, audible is where you can download audiobooks and listen to them. 

I recently downloaded Cal Newports - Deep Focus. While I've not finished, certain aspects of it stood out to me, that will certainly influence my mind in the future to come.

“We tend to place a lot of emphasis on our circumstances, assuming that what happens to us (or fails to happen) determines how we feel. From this perspective, the small-scale details of how you spend your day aren’t that important, because what matters are the large-scale outcomes, such as whether or not you get a promotion or move to that nicer apartment.        - Cal Newport, Deep Focus


If we don't consciously become aware that the mundane, day to day rituals are constantly shaping our futures, then we leave more than we should do to chance, or unconscious negative habits.

While the large scale moments in our lives, the momentous movie moments, where we are awarded something, promoted, gotten married and so on and so on.

While these are important in our stories, how you arrive at these moments is just as important. 

Complacency is why many people feel disillusioned when they get what they want. They forget the thrill of hunting and their appetite is left dull. 

This is why many celebrities talk about how empty fame, is once they get. 

Your reason for the goal is just as important as the goal.

Many people don't know what they want, because they don't spend enough time to think about it.

Ryan Holiday once wrote: "When you don't know how much is enough, more becomes the default response"

Find out what you want, with detailed introspection. Spend time reminding yourself what you really enjoyed doing in a particular time in your life. 

Your attention will shape your life. Here is a great video about this. 

Will - a successful YouTuber - boils down to a tee, how our attention in this modern day world is grabbed.

In world where, everyone, every company, fights so hard on a day to basis, invests billions of dollars to keep your attention and monetise that attention. Choosing what you focus on, has never been more important.