navid bakhshayesh

4 Important Rules For A Happier Life

navid bakhshayesh
4 Important Rules For A Happier Life

There was a photo I came across on the internet a couple years ago. It had a profound impact on me, like most profound experiences people have, they are very personal but when shared have the potential to evoke a similar feeling for others. 

In this case, you guys! (I hope)

Here are 4 important rules for a happier life.


Make peace with your past so it won't disturb your present.

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Look, I'm not a wise yogi nor do I try and pretend to be. I'm a 22 year old kid that edits videos and consults for companies around the world. But if I had to reflect back on my, younger-er years, I would probably try employ this more often and generally be more empathetic towards myself. 

A whole portion of life is trial and error, you have to sometimes do the wrong things in order to understand why the right thing is so important. You have to develop your own moral compass because ethics, doing the, quote on quote, RIGHT thing, will be different for everyone. That in itself is what breeds empathy for others who are not where they want to be and are making bad choices in life.  

Not every choice you make in life will be a bad one, not every choice will even be in your control but being able to make your peace with it, that - albeit a very hard thing to do - is a choice. The sooner you are able to move forward, the easier moving forward becomes. 


What other people think of you is none of your business.

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I'd be remiss if I didn't stress that I understand how trite this sounds. That saying 'you shouldn't care what people think' is both easier said than done and very cheesy, with little applicable utility.

Then is true and a reminder of that can be helpful. I forget who said this but I remember it clearly...bare with me as I paraphrase - You will care way less what people think of you when you realize how seldom they do. 

If someone doesn't know you, your story and what you are about. Then their analysis of you, purely from a scientific viewpoint would be invalid. They simply don't have enough data on you. So you should probably disregard their hypothesis.  

The more time you spend pondering about what someone thinks of you, the less time you have to get better. 

Getting better is more important.


Time heals almost everything. Give it time.

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Like all tragic events in life. Your whole world can seem so dark. Thinking becomes torture, meaning vanishes and it can seem like it will last forever. 

But...even the deepest of wounds will heal with enough time. Don't lose faith and keep going. Don't trust your mind, instead focus on action. Action stops you from thinking and sometimes well need to stop thinking in order to preserve our sanity. 



No one is in charge of your happiness. Except you.

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I'm sure we all know that life throws a bunch of shit at us at the most annoying times. But circumstantial happiness is not lasting. I think developing the framework, that no matter what, who or when something happens, you will choose how to respond, gives you so much power.

You're fired - That sucks but maybe this will lead to something better.

I'm breaking up with you - I shared some incredible experiences with you and it will be hard to let go but letting go is a part of life. 

You failed - True but this means I can try again and the trying is what makes life interesting. 

I know hardships in life can make it hard to be happy and I don't expect anyone to force happiness but maybe a new perspective can help us get through the tough times that will surely lead to the happy ones.